Monogamy is Moral, Promiscuity is Not

In order to save Western Civilization, we need to define objective standards of morality. Monogamy needs to be defended and behaviors such as promiscuity, and its results, polyamory and polygamy, need to be rejected.            The act of sex is a value. It is the expression of one’s spirit. It unites the mind, body and emotions. By uniting two bodies, you unite two souls and is, hence, intensely personal. It takes time and effort to establish the close relationship required for sex. You reveal your inner most self to that person and because of that you have a deep connection. With multiple partners your time and attention is spread around with different people. Intimacy is lessened because it isn’t possible to maintain that depth of a bond with several people at the same time. And inherently creates conflict, both internally and existentially. Ron Pisaturo, author of Masculine Power, Feminine Beauty: The...(Read Full Article)