Is Society Evolving toward Extinction?

A recent online article about a computer glitch has exposed yet another vulnerability civilization faces – not despite its technological complexity, but because of it.  We all know that society depends heavily on computers, and we have become painfully aware that viruses and malware can disable those computers, leading to catastrophic disruptions in air traffic, communications, the power grid, and national defense, to name a few.  The very technology that makes our lives safe and comfortable can also become our downfall unless we understand what is happening and how to protect ourselves. Some examples from the animal world are helpful to that understanding.  Two creatures that have adapted to their environments are the starfish and the elephant.  The starfish is far more simple and primitive, but it enjoys an important survival advantage.  If it is cut (or bitten) in half, each half can independently regrow its missing half and continue living. ...(Read Full Article)