If Democrats Take the House, They'll Impeach Trump

Historically, the first midterm elections in a new president's first term result in major losses for the president's party.  The most famous recent example was in 1994, following the 1992 election of Bill Clinton.  In spite of Clinton's oratorical skill, favorable media coverage, and appealing looks and smooth demeanor, the 1994 midterms were a disaster for the Democrats. Led by the "villainous, scary" Newt Gingrich, Republicans won 54 House seats.  In what came to be called the "Republican Revolution," they wrested congressional control away from Democrats for the first time since 1952.  Once in control, Gingrich instituted his Contract with America programs, a series of congressional initiatives designed to implement what the Republicans felt was their electoral mandate from the populace.  The liberal media hated Gingrich and the Republicans and resented their victory tremendously, ceaselessly...(Read Full Article)