Facebook's Expanding Insanity

I never liked Facebook that much.  I found it a rather frustratingly difficult, counter-intuitive platform – and mind you, I am someone who knows some computer coding and used to write WordPress themes for a hobby.  I am used to technically obtuse platforms.  However, Facebook's recent behavior haS taken it from the merely difficult to the arena of totalitarian and irrational. A few years ago, one could set up a Facebook account rather easily: just provide an email.  Later on, Facebook wanted phone verification.  That was easily handled, and if one wanted to use a third-party phone number, to protect one's anonymity, there were ways to get around that phone requirement. After that, Facebook sometimes asked for a photograph of the account-user's face.  The official explanation was that Facebook wanted to be sure that the user was really who he claimed to be.  Supposedly, the picture would be analyzed by a computer or a human...(Read Full Article)