Democrats Are All about Winning, Not Governing

It's been said that we have two major governing parties in this country: the Democrats and the Republicans.  Each party has a different, broad-based approach to managing the country: the Democrats believe that government-created, taxpayer-funded programs – implemented from D.C. – are the best way to guide the country's fortunes, while Republicans feel that market-based, individually oriented solutions work to the best advantage of the nation. That's a 30,000-ft generalized look at things, but it is widely accepted as true. But it's not true.  Just the opposite: It's fundamentally false.  The Democrats are concerned primarily with winning political battles first and governing the country to the population's benefit second.  A look at some of today's higher-profile issues illustrates this quite clearly.  And this is not a peculiarity limited only to present-day circumstances.  The...(Read Full Article)