Why the United States and Russia Can Never Be Friends

Friendship-with-Russia is a popular policy which candidates state boldly. It helps them get elected. The yearning for a friend in Moscow stretches back decades, whether it be Bernie Sanders taking his honeymoon in the Soviet Union, Nixon bragging about his friendship with Brezhnev, or Franklin D. Roosevelt defending Stalin every chance he got. Allegedly, the benefits of increased overtures to Moscow are significant, and varied enough to attract a wide spectrum of supporters. It’s not terribly hard to understand the instinct. Russia is one of the few powers on earth that could end civilization. Who in their right mind would want to fight with them? They have a history of brilliant culture, look like Americans, and share a religion with America’s Founders. The problem, unfortunately, is that America can never be friends with Russia. America is a country based on freedom of speech and a government representing the people. Russia is the opposite. Russians don’t...(Read Full Article)