While Percherons Graze, Mueller Perfects Whetstone Grinding

Oh my, how will the erstwhile unimpeachable, and irreproachable Robert Mueller rescue his reputation? In mid-June the former FBI director under presidents Bush and Obama -- Washington DC’s liege lord -- recruited thirteen, now up to twenty-one, mostly partisan adventure seeking knights-errant formerly pledged to Hillary, presumably determined to slay the “Russians, and Trump hacked the election” dragon. Any honorable counselor would have demurred. Not Robert Mueller. Bored with semi-retirement, he could have gone gathering black winter truffles in the royal forest. Not Robert Mueller. He chose to search for the Black Knight. Meanwhile, Independence Day, Veterans’ Day, and Thanksgiving have come and gone. Mueller’s armorers have outfitted his legion with lance, mail, and mace. Percherons are groomed, and well fed. But where have these knights-errant trotted about to find a worthy errand? Capturing beleaguered Michael Flynn who admitted lying to the...(Read Full Article)