Trump: The Unlikeliest Churchillian

Comparing the late Prime Minister Winston Churchill to President Donald Trump is guaranteed to elicit scorn from intellectuals, for one was a prolific man of letters, while the other speaks in the vocabulary of the common man.  One was a journalist and scholar, while the other is a builder, deal-maker, and master persuader (as Scott Adams argues).  And one smoked and drank prolifically, while the other abstains from both. But beneath the veneer of literary styles, there are obvious historical similarities between Winston Churchill's becoming prime minister and Donald Trump's shocking election to the American presidency.  It is hard to watch the film Darkest Hour, about those terrible days in May 1940 when Churchill became prime minister.  At that moment in time, it seemed that the U.K. would have to surrender to Hitler.  Three hundred thousand British troops were trapped on the beach at Dunkirk without any apparent means of...(Read Full Article)