Trump on the Rampage

Every so often in the history of achievement, you get what I call the “20-hour a day guy.”  These are people who survive on very little sleep, usually 3-4 hours a night, and spend the other 20 hours a day working at a feverish pace. The most notable example is the Renaissance artist Michelangelo, who was the greatest painter, sculptor, architect and even poet of his lifetime.  Michelangelo’s output of work is so staggering, it takes years of study just to view it, so the idea of one person actually producing that much work defies comprehension. If you’ve ever been to Rome or Florence, or looked through an Art History book, you’ve seen some of his work. In sculpture, Michelangelo is known for the David, the Pietá, Moses, The Medici Tombs, and many other works, carved out of solid marble.  All carved by hand, with no electricity to run pneumatic polishers or grinders, or to provide electric light. Michelangelo painted the...(Read Full Article)