Trump on the Rampage

Every so often in the history of achievement, you get what I call the “20-hour a day guy.”  These are people who survive on very little sleep, usually 3-4 hours a night, and spend the other 20 hours a day working at a feverish pace.

The most notable example is the Renaissance artist Michelangelo, who was the greatest painter, sculptor, architect and even poet of his lifetime.  Michelangelo’s output of work is so staggering, it takes years of study just to view it, so the idea of one person actually producing that much work defies comprehension.

If you’ve ever been to Rome or Florence, or looked through an Art History book, you’ve seen some of his work. In sculpture, Michelangelo is known for the David, the Pietá, Moses, The Medici Tombs, and many other works, carved out of solid marble.  All carved by hand, with no electricity to run pneumatic polishers or grinders, or to provide electric light.

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, in 4 years no less, and it’s arguably the greatest achievement in painting, ever.

In the same chapel, many years later, he painted The Last Judgment over the altar, another mind-bogglingly great artistic feat.

Michelangelo also designed great architecture, like the dome of St Peter’s at the Vatican, and a famous library in Florence.  His poetry output was so great, and of such a high standard, that he was considered the greatest poet of the 16th century.

Other ’20-hour a day’ people are the singer Madonna, the writers Alexander Dumas and Isaac Asimov, and one notable person who is the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Donald Trump has been an overachieving workaholic for most of his adult life, but he’s also surrounded himself with overachievers. In addition to being accustomed to getting a lot done on a regular basis, Trump has always been a quick learner, with the ability to implement knowledge as he picks up insights into unfamiliar processes.  The way he’s ended 2017, with such important accomplishments under his belt, shows that he’s finding his feet as President, and getting comfortable with the production pipeline of government.  If you look at how Trump’s momentum has built month-by-month as he figured out how to get things done in his new surroundings, you’ll know that 2018 is going to be dynamite.

Take the recent tax bill, for example.  Because it was passed relatively quickly, a lot of the significance of this legislation has slipped under the radar.  This thing is massive, and will turbocharge the economy, which Trump has already kick-started.  How has he kick-started the economy?  By scrapping so many of the regulations that the Dems had saddled the system with.  I don’t know what it is with the Left, but they love to put ballast on any potential successes, if they’re not part of the government system.  It’s not worth the time speculating why these things go on in their little heads.  They just do. The best thing to do is move ahead without them, which is precisely what the President does.  And now it’s what the other Republicans see they can also do, which has been an epiphany for them.

How did something so complex get passed so quickly? In the first place, a lot of very talented people had been working on this for a long time, and it was nearly ready to go.  People like Paul Ryan and Tim Scott, to name just two. These are wonky guys who have a passion to streamline the tax code, give Americans more of their own money back, and see the economy take off.  That’s all well and good, but unless you have a bulldozer in front of you to make the legislation happen, it’s just a dream.  Enter President Trump, the guy who stays awake making phone calls at 3 in the morning, convincing and motivating other talented people to come aboard, and to add their skills and insights to the mix.  It’s all a team effort, but this man is an engine that can pull a lot of freight.  Even uphill.  That’s what he did here.  He brought all the parties together, and knocked down whatever walls or barriers stood in the way.  For good measure, he included ANWR and the repeal of the Obamacare mandate in the same bill.  Both of these are remarkable achievements on their own, but they almost feel like footnotes to the significance of the tax part of the bill.  That’s savvy leadership, and the facility on Trump’s part to do several big things at once.

Donald Trump now knows how to get more done, and with less frustration, because he’s seen how it works.  Just as important, he’s managed to win over people who are essential to the process, but who previously didn’t think he was up to it.  Now that the McConnells and the Ryans see that they’re all aligned in moving forward what’s best for America, they’re suddenly excited about making it all happen.  The career politicians also saw that Trump honors those around him, and likes to single people out individually to share credit.  Who doesn’t love that?  They also know they have a fearless leader who will take on any challenge, and never back down from a fight worth pursuing.  This has the Left shaking in their boots, because they can sense what is being unleashed.  Donald Trump unchained is a very formidable force, and his workday is at least double that of most people.  It will be hard to keep up with him, even on a good day.

He’ll have his hiccups and the occasional speed bump, but this man in the Oval Office is about to show us all how much can be done when you harness extraordinary drive and energy. 

It will significantly affect Washington, the US, and the entire world.

Tim Mostert is a cartoonist, author and Art Historian. His latest books are Know Your Nation/South Africa, and Reasons To Vote ANC.

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