Trump, McConnell, Ryan Discover Politics Is Team Sport

Sometimes there can be an unexpected yet undeniable 'disturbance in the force' of our politics – where one event or image seems to quietly and quickly shift the entire axis of momentum.  We saw it in 2012, when the love-fest between Chris Christie and Barack Obama on the tarmac after Super-Storm Sandy, including the iconic hug photo, seemed to realign the stars in what seemed like a sure Mitt Romney victory.  I could feel it happening at the time, and I suspect that many of you could, too.  We were right. I felt the same thing a couple days ago, as President Trump, surrounded by Republicans whom he suddenly seemed to like, and who suddenly seemed to like him, celebrated the sweeping tax reform and tax cut bill victory.  Just a week earlier, the Republican Party and the president were smarting from an internally self-inflicted wound in Alabama.  That was a bottoming out.  The shift was palpable.  It was in the air.  Did...(Read Full Article)