There Is Nothing More Despicable Than a Democrat

On a normal day, Democrats will endlessly lecture you in the most condescending fashion, making liberal use of the preface, “You see.” Because, of course, you don’t see, you are a nonbeliever, a “denier,” and therefore a deplorable, barely deserving of their passing glance, much less their particular attention. And that’s after they’ve lost both houses of Congress and the presidency. Now with the Moore mauling in Alabama and their plot to force Trump’s resignation, they are not nearly as nice.   After sacrificing two of their pawns, the now onanistic Bill Clinton and the truly deplorable Al Franken, an oleaginous blob of despicability -- he of the “I’m not sorry, I don’t remember it, and I will resign… maybe, at a later date, and ‘GFY America,’ apology” -- they now believe they can unseat the president on sexual harassment charges (the same ones they tried to destroy him with just...(Read Full Article)