The Sorcerer's Apprentices: FBI, DOJ, GPS, DNC

Disney's gloriously animated Fantasia of 1940, The Sorcerer's Apprentice tells the story of a magician's helper who is tasked with bringing water in buckets, two at a time on a broom handle, from a well into his master's cauldron.  To ease his workload, he put on the sorcerer's hat and commanded the broom to continue his job. Then he fell asleep.  When he awoke, the broom had brought so much water into the castle it was flooded.  The apprentice tried to stop the broom by using an axe to splinter it into pieces.   But the broom pieces, lots of them, came alive, got up and continued to bring the water into the castle. In the original German poem by Goethe on which the segment is based, the apprentice implores the sorcerer to help him with the mess he has engendered.  The German line that translates as "The spirits that I called," is often used to...(Read Full Article)