The Real Reason White Americans Voted for Trump

Roughly a month ago, Atlantic senior editor Adam Serwer authored an article that MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell soon hailed as "mandatory reading."  Titled 'The Nationalist's Delusion," the piece challenges the popular narrative that Trump's electoral triumph was propelled by the economic estrangement of white working- and middle-class voters.  Rejecting this account, Serwer holds pervasive and deep-seated, if implicit, animosity toward non-white minorities as the ultimate fillip of the Trump phenomenon.  To borrow from MSNBC's Van Jones, the 2016 election outcome was, in Serwer's telling, just one big case of "whitelash."  Concerns over lax immigration policies, the flight of blue-collar jobs, Islamic terrorism (and obscurantism thereof), and an expressively stifling culture of political correctness were all a pretext for the maintenance of white supremacy and racial inequality. A key data point Serwer draws on...(Read Full Article)