The Profound Value of 'Merry Christmas'

The words "Merry Christmas" are the tip of the iceberg of our longing to go back to a more normal America.  The words are not merely about elevating a Christian celebration or an earlier period of exclusive white dominance.  That is what the repulsive anti, anti, and Antifa crowd on the left would have people think.  "Merry Christmas" instead has a cluster of meanings that include the birth of Christ, of course, but also are linked through nostalgia and through the facticity of history to a time where more families were intact, where a more positive view of our heritage as a Christian society was held, where sexual mores frowned upon pre-marital and non-marital sex, where the USA itself was seen as a beacon and a haven in a world of poverty, heathen belief systems, and dictatorial governments. The words "Merry Christmas" resonate with a dominant belief in the worth of the individual as being greater than the needs or consciousness of the...(Read Full Article)