The #MeToo Tipping Point

The cultural and overall societal impact of the deluge of sexual assault and harassment accusations has only just begun to be realized.  Already, careful observers – both men and women alike – are noting that the broad and fuzzy definition of "harassment" can encompass behaviors previously considered routine flirtation and will obliterate the good manners of gentlemen who compliment women.  This new spate of redefining acceptable behavior continues to complicate relationships between men and women during an era when the uncertainties and overturning of tradition have already made male-female interactions not just problematic, but precarious.  Dating is increasingly rare – almost nonexistent – anymore, and men are left bewildered about how or whether to express interest in any woman for fear of offending her.  Employers are wondering whether it is worth the risk to hire women for high-level positions, for which daily consultations...(Read Full Article)