The Hidden Upside of Christmas Spangles

Almost every year, there are complaints about the commercialization of Christmas and it emphasis on spending money - while many families have nothing extra for children or adults. But after seven long years of unemployment and want across the U.S. this Christmas, with added cash and hope, shoppers are not complaining about anything more than the traffic - and the prices. But there may be a hidden benefit to Christmas which suggests that God doesn't seem to mind the glitz and overconsumption of it all. And that is because aside from the showy displays of Christmas, wouldn't there be many people, especially foreigners in distant, isolated lands, without American television or the Internet, wanting from their encounters with these displays, to know about Christianity? No other religion has such a worldwide display. There is no birthday bash for Mohammed. Judaism has an interesting history with celebrations in September and October, but there is no glamour in it....(Read Full Article)