The Evils...No, the Virtues of Seduction

The year 2017 saw the wounding of the cultural leviathan, the multi-limbed monster that strangles all forms of discourse and political imagination that threaten its progressive habitat.  To poultice the ailing behemoth, post-Harvey Weinstein feminists are struggling to come up with new myths of womanhood.  If we can't look to Hollywood, where do we find our heroes?   The first stage of the undertaking appears to lie in redefining feminine beauty.  This is not feminine beauty in the sense that may have inspired Botticelli or the eighteenth-century philosopher Immanuel Kant.  Who cares anymore about such trivialities as the nature of the sublime with so many pressing questions occupying our historical moment?  How do we restore libido to the workplace?  Who is treated more unfairly: luscious young women set upon by wrinkly old geezers, or wrinkly old geezers upon whom young, ambitious women work their charms?   What is the rule of law,...(Read Full Article)