The Democrats' Hard Candy Christmas

In the “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” the working girls sing that the shuttering of the brothel will mean a hard candy Christmas for them. The passage of the tax bill and the other steps taken this week by the administration which I will summarize means this will be a hard candy Christmas for them, too. The Tax Cut The Democrats’ idea of economic stimulation runs like this: Give the government more money and they will invest it in useless projects like Solyndra, urban streetcars, and fast trains to nowhere, which eventually get scrapped because, as I said, they are useless and of benefit only to the Democrat politicians’ donors. The Republicans' idea has been to let you keep more of your money and spend it in ways that meet your needs. The contrast could not have been clearer this week, for as soon as the law was passed, companies like ATT, Boeing, Fifth Third, Wells Fargo, and Comcast announced salary increases, major investment plans, increased...(Read Full Article)