A Time for War: The Cold Civil War Continues...and Trump Is Winning

The cold civil war we are fighting is not just going well.  Contrary to what was once expected, this war right now is in a stage of overwhelming success.  Not that we have won anything permanent, but one has to be amazed at how positively things are going. Consumer confidence is close to an all-time high. Our economic growth is over 3%.  After nearly a decade, our economy is clearly coming out of the doldrums, and the U.S. population is becoming optimistic about its future. Trump is remaking the judiciary, an extraordinary achievement. Illegal immigration is down, eventually to be controlled.  A real border for a real country. The military is strong, confident, and doing its job.  ISIS and radical Islam are genuinely being defeated. Our alliances overseas are strengthening, and our leadership is successfully realigning friends from the Obama-Clinton years of destruction.  Other countries respect and fear us once again. America is...(Read Full Article)