The Case against Mahmoud Abbas

There’s been plenty of rancor since President Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.  Some are saying his remarks have brought the peace process to a halt. To such accusations I say, "what peace process?" I submit that if anyone is guilty of why there is no peace process, it is none other than Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Unless you are spelling it p-i-e-c-e. The record shows that rather than p-e-a-c-e with Israel, he wants to take it apart piece by piece until it doesn’t exist anymore. In order to present the case, I will lay out the evidence to the court of public opinion. Exhibit 1- Munich Olympics Who will ever forget the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre where 11 Israeli athletes were held hostage by Arab terrorists and lost their lives.  The financier of the operation was Mahmoud Abbas. Exhibit 2- Holocaust Denial  In 1982, he wrote his PhD thesis entitled: “The Other Side:...(Read Full Article)