Rich Higgins: Not Wacko Now

Rich Higgins, a Trump loyalist, was director for strategic planning in the National Security Council up to July 21, when he was fired by H.R. McMaster for writing a memo that detailed the threat to President Trump from the Deep State.  McMaster is the sort of nasty Deep State operative Mr. Higgins was warning about.  His misdeeds have been chronicled on American Thinker here and here, at least up to the end of August.  Mr. Higgins was widely mocked at the time for being a delusional conspiracy theorist with a fevered imagination. The Strzok emails released this month show that the Deep State is just as bad as Mr. Higgins said.  Given that Mr. Higgins was proved correct, this raises the question as to what else he had to say in his memo. The memo is tightly written.  Mr. Higgins starts by saying the Trump administration is under attack by a campaign to undermine, delegitimize, and remove the president.  The White House has...(Read Full Article)