Our Reps Are (Still) Idiots

OK, so they finally passed it.  The Senate tax reform bill, however imperfect, will return money to taxpayers, spur business, and increase jobs.  Significantly, the bill repeals the Obamacare mandate and provides other benefits, such as opening portions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas drilling.  These are major accomplishments.  Yet nearly half of our representatives in the Senate voted no, and what with Sen. Corker's obstruction, Republicans came close to stumbling once again. The great historian Robert Conquest once pointed out that the Soviet system fell not just because of flawed ideology or Western opposition, but because its leaders were "stupid."  They murdered, imprisoned, or exiled most of their greatest scientists; they ran the economy into the ground with inefficient state-run industries; they engaged in corruption at every level of society.  No wonder they failed. Much the same can be said for our...(Read Full Article)