Let's Apply the Precautionary Principle to Liberal Gender-Bending!

A thoughtful reader sent me an important Spiked article about “We Are More Than  Gender.” Author Joanna Williams rotates through the ritual liberal positions on sex and gender that takes for granted all the gender-bending dialectics we have learned to know and love. Then she cautions her readers with the science from evolutionary psychology. Still, she says: Today, dominant understandings of gender disregard people’s own sense of agency in making their own life choices and shaping their own personality… Of course, not everyone gets to react to biology and society in conditions of their own choosing, and we might not always approve of the choices other people make. Do you see what is going on here? The author takes for granted the worldview of the People of the Creative Self, one of my reductive Three Peoples identities. She worries about “dominant understandings of gender” from the point of view of a creative person that wants a...(Read Full Article)