Is There Really Nuke Danger from North Korea?

The lib media are running around screeching at the heavens because that madman Trump is going to get us attacked by Kim III's  nukes.  If you Google it you'll see scare stories all over the web. But we know the left lies every day, and this story shows all the hallmarks of a coordinated scare campaign. So what should a rational reader think?  Well, first of all, don't believe an obvious PR campaign to panic us. The left is telling us that Kim is a madman, and now he has ICBM's and perhaps an H-bomb.  Why did Trump make Kim so mad?  Now we're all in trouble.  Trump is a nuclear war-monger. Knowing what we know about the liberal media, and their lie-a-day habit, and their determination  to destroy the POTUS, what they say has little value.  It would be nice if they had a record of telling the truth, but they don't.  They thought we couldn't beat Saddam Hussein.  Until Trump, they thought we...(Read Full Article)