Is Bitcoin Leading to a Cashless Society?

Predictions by financial and technology experts tell us our world is headed for a cashless society, and that’s not for our benefit. There might be merit to the claim, but we probably won’t know until it may be too late. The signs are generally pointing in that general direction, however, so it would be a smart idea to stay informed about the developments. RFID tags were the first signal At the RFID tags were introduced as a convenient way to keep track of pets, it seemed like a reasonable move. When someone brings a lost dog to the vet, if the owner can’t be found, the animal gets sent to a shelter. If the dog has been microchipped, it can be reunited with its owner fairly easily. But then people began to tag their children and even themselves, which raised some concerns. Those red flags were subsequently validated when RFID tags became mandatory for employees of Cincinnati’s video surveillance company Since then, RFID tags have...(Read Full Article)