Injustice: The American Way?

Four recent cases show how there is no justice for victims.  Who is speaking for the victims, since they can no longer speak for themselves?  In three of the instances, the "surviving victims" appear to be forgotten as they suffer from losing a loved one forever and ever.  People need to question what is going on in our society. Kate Steinle in 2015 was shot and killed while visiting a San Francisco tourist attraction.  Illegal alien Juan Francisco López Sánchez admitted to shooting Kate, claiming that it was an accident.   Jurors did not find him guilty of murder – not even involuntary manslaughter.  The only count he was guilty of was being in possession of a firearm.  Although Kate's family lost her forever, Sanchez will serve a sentence only from sixteen months to three years. San Francisco deputy district attorney Diana Garcia said during the trial that she didn't know why López fired the...(Read Full Article)