How Trump Dominated Mueller and Tricked Democrats

Consider the central puzzle to Trump's presidency: why did his own people give NeverTrumps a special counsel? The most common explanation is that Trump is a bumbling fool.  First, he colluded with Russia.  Then he appointed Sessions, not knowing that Sessions would recuse himself.  Finally, he appointed Rosenstein and was blindsided by the initiation of Mueller's probe. The problem with this idea is that Trump has been a successful person for decades, building an empire in the cutthroat world of New York real estate.  Maybe it's possible to argue that Trump isn't a Harvard bookworm, but there is an enormous gulf between not being the second coming of Henry David Thoreau and being what Trump's opponents say he is.  His record simply does not countenance a serious conclusion in accord with his haters.  At worst, he is merely competent, smart, and wily. One of Trump's favorite quotes is "A leader has the right to be...(Read Full Article)