How to Fight Terrorism the Russian Way

Some are aware of the terrorist bombing in a St. Petersburg, Russia shopping center December 27.  The subsequent comment by Russian president Vladimir Putin, that terrorists should be "liquidated on the spot" if they pose "an immediate danger to others," underscores the different attitude with which Russians pursue their "war on terror," at least until Donald Trump took office.  Trump has followed through with his promise to "bomb the [s---] out of ISIS," leaving ISIS with only 2 percent of the territory it once held in its so-called "caliphate," and its fighters left in Syria and Iraq number now only about 1,000.  Trump effected this set of circumstances by changing "rules of engagement," saving American lives and costing more enemy lives.  While American forces can now engage the enemy with greater latitude, not having to wait for approval from Washington bureaucrats, the United States can still learn...(Read Full Article)