Have Republicans finally found their groove?

After almost a year of shooting blanks, Republicans, specifically Congress, finally have a major legislative achievement under their belts. Senate Republicans, unified and in a party line vote, passed a major tax overhaul. In the House, the bill passed easily. A few House Republicans voted against the bill, virtually all from high property tax deduction states, voting to represent their constituents, knowing the bill would still pass without their votes. Better late to the party than not at all, but why did it take until the end of the year for Republicans to finally get their act together? To realize they are the majority party. To understand that they were elected, along with President Trump, to further a conservative agenda. Building a wall. Repealing Obamacare. Cutting taxes. And more. The president and congressional colleagues were giddy with excitement after the final vote at the White House celebrating the bill’s passage. Senator Orrin Hatch gave a heartfelt and...(Read Full Article)