Gentlemen, Start Your Engines for 2018 Midterms

Democrats seem to be over the moon about their 2018 midterm prospects. They seem to think that they will clear the tables and get themselves a Trump impeachment. And maybe they are right. There is another possibility. By November the Mueller investigation may be even more compromised than it is now by the counternarrative of an administration interfering with the opposition party’s campaign in a way that makes Watergate look like amateur hour. Oh, and the economy will be reaching into turbo mode from the tax cuts. And what will the Democrats do then, poor things? The economic problem the Democrats are facing is illustrated by a “yes, but” piece in the Atlantic, where Good Little Girl Annie Lowrey quotes center-left think tanks to show that the corporations will spend their ill-gotten tax cut gains on stock buybacks: nothing to see here but corporate tricksters. What Trump shoulda done, she writes, is to construct a tax plan that would have both cut the...(Read Full Article)