Feminists on the injustice of pregnancy

Korea's recently-elected progressive government has announced plans to begin "research" on the country's restrictive abortion laws, which, of course, is another way of saying they are going to get the ball rolling on legalizing abortion. This initiative is merely an effort to bring the letter of the law into sync with the spirit of national decay, since many thousands of illegal abortions are performed in Korea every year, and public opinion, especially among the younger generations, tilts hard in the direction of complete legalization. (I'll have a lot to say about this in the near future, as I have recently had the misfortune, through a research project, of coming face to face with the disturbing amorality of young Koreans on this issue -- so disturbing, in fact, that I have forestalled writing about it publicly out of sheer dismay and nausea at the truth I have been forced to accept about the people with whom I spend much of my time, namely young middle...(Read Full Article)