Experts Killed Epistemology

Well, 2017 is almost over, and what a year it has been.  A retrospective could leave you happy or depressed, depending on your focus. Donald J. Trump is president.  The left has decided that its fundamentalist enemies were right about Bill Clinton's impeachment. I held a conference attacking the LGBT agenda from every imaginable angle two weeks ago, without being thrown in a gulag.  Hope springs eternal.  None of this would have been conceivable only eighteen months ago. But 2017 is also ending on a note of embarrassment.  Fortunately, I do not feel embarrassed and should not.  Nor do most pro-Trump people allied to me.  But the firestorm surrounding Roy Moore's candidacy for the Alabama Senate seat played out like a scene from an Aeschylus play.  Imagine a chorus, like the matrons in Seven against Thebes or Egyptian refugees in Suppliant Women, waiting for the next herald to bring more bad news. "Yea, verily, I come to...(Read Full Article)