Donald Trump's Crimes

President Trump is indisputably guilty of many crimes against the societal and political norms of this country. These crimes are profound and grievous, and they shake the very foundations upon which acceptable presidential behaviour has always been based. His actions and demeanour are so abhorrent and antithetical to the fundamental progressive doctrine espoused by the Democratic Party and their supporting liberal media that his very presence in the Oval Office is regarded by them as not merely an interim occupational tenure by the opposing party, but as proof of a moment of temporary national insanity from which we may never recover. A closer look at the worst examples of Trump’s criminality will be instructive for what the country should be on guard for, should we want to avoid such behaviour in the future. Accusation: Denying a Female Access to the Highest Office Verdict: Guilty President Trump didn’t get the memo that 2016 was the Year of the First Female...(Read Full Article)