Declaring War on Trump's Truthful Tweets

As many Americans will know, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, said that Donald Trump was “wrong” to retweet the videos which had previously been tweeted by the political group, Britain First. Indeed, Britain's ambassador to Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, said he has raised the Government's concerns with the White House. PM May said that Britain First is a “hateful organisation.” Nonetheless, she didn't have anything to say about the content of the videos themselves. After all: Britain First didn't stage the videos: It didn't get that Muslim to smash a statue of the Virgin Mary. It didn't force that Muslim man to attack a boy on crutches. And it didn't force those Muslims to throw a boy off a rooftop. And much has also been made of Britain First tweeting a video from 2013 (not, I presume, from 2017). So here's a video of Islamic terror (in London) from 2017! (Is the implication here that there...(Read Full Article)