Culture Wars: Our Fading Hope

It is a period of civil war.  Liberal filmmakers and lawmakers, striking from their elitist enclaves, have won their first victories against the forces of decency and godliness. During the battles, liberal spies managed to infiltrate the highest echelons of government, media, and the arts, securing an obscene ruling that same-sex couples may marry.  Their goal is to destroy an entire civilization under their perverted view of fairness. Pursued by the truth, liberal directors and actors race to the screen to indoctrinate audiences into this twisted notion and aid in further enslaving the masses of the planet into their mistaken worldview. Please forgive me if that revised intro into the Star Wars universe sounds hyperbolic.  It's to illustrate that liberal creative types can't be content to entertain us with a movie when there is a culture war at stake.  Consider the quotes by two of the newest Star Wars contributors: psychologist J.J. Abrams and...(Read Full Article)