Clean Coal Is Surging

Pouring more cold water over prophecies of coal's terminal decline, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently published its Coal Report 2017, which shows chatter about the fossil fuel's imminent demise as nothing more than wishful thinking.  Far from being the spent resource the green lobby would have the public see, coal is making a forceful comeback.  While key markets such as China, India, and the United States show stronger than expected demand, the report also predicts a growing need for coal in the developing world – an undeniable game-changer proving coal's resilience in the future. The main takeaway from the report is that coal consumption in the developing world is set to increase in the future.  This will contribute to a global rise in coal use of around 0.5% every 12 months over the next five years.  Far from falling off a cliff, the IEA states that levels of coal use will remain stable for at least the next decade....(Read Full Article)