Christmas, Fruit of The Word

Christmastide is the season that provokes the most spiritual reflection, accompanied by abundant joy. Amongst feasts in the liturgical calendar, over the centuries Christmas has either enjoyed a most favored festive status or been nearly ignored. Two of the four Gospel authors, Mark and John, omit any mention of the birth of Jesus. Matthew’s account is the abridged version. It is Luke’s full-figured account of the pilgrimage to Bethlehem, the lowly manger scene, the Angels, shepherds, the guiding star, the gifts of the Magi, all of which we never tire, reading a million times over. After all, Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus is a simple fait accompli. Preceding Christmas by an infinite distance is the most profound event, the foundational mystery of the Christian faith, the a priori Incarnation of the Son of God. In the Church calendar at ground level, the Incarnation is manifest in the Annunciation to Mary -- the perfection of the Word according to...(Read Full Article)