CBO Tries to Sink Tax Bill

The Congressional Budget Office [CBO] is back at it again, now providing class warfare material to opponents of tax reform.   CBO estimates played a significant role in the  several failed attempts by Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare. Several Republican Senators appeared to be scared off by estimates of 20 million or more Americans who would lose coverage due to a particular variation of the repeal/replace effort.  Republican efforts on tax reform are always attacked by Democrats as disproportionately benefitting the wealthy and hurting the poor.  This week the CBO made a new argument, that the provision in the Senate bill that would repeal the mandate to purchase health insurance will mean that 13 million people will lose coverage. Think about this one for a moment. The mandate to purchase health insurance is a tax (according to the Supreme Court) that will be paid for failure to have coverage.  The mandate does not require...(Read Full Article)