Benign Violation Theory: An Explanation for 'Pocahontas' Outrage

When I was six years old and my brother was eight, each of us was given a quarter to spend in a candy store before seeing a movie.  I thought my quarter was a fortune, but not so my brother.  The third-grader was unhappy with the quantity of popcorn he could get for his coin and complained to the shopkeeper.  The impatient shopkeeper asked my brother, "What do you want for 25 cents, the Brooklyn Bridge?"  My brother said, "Yeah, ya got any in stock?" This exchange happened in the late 1950s on Staten Island.  The TV show Impractical Jokers is also a creation of Staten Islanders: four guys who stage embarrassing hidden camera pranks around New York City.  It is no coincidence that this show features New Yorkers pulling weird, sometimes humiliating and disgusting pranks on other New Yorkers.  It's the only place they could get away with it.  Humor, sarcasm, laughing at yourself and others, acerbic name-calling, and...(Read Full Article)