Befuddlement in Catalonia

I am neither in favor of nor against Catalonia's independence.  The recent turn of elections, where the independentistas won a majority of seats in the parliament, has proven nothing.  What does remain is an absolute amazement at the incompetence of Iberian government on all sides at all levels.  Aggravating this are remarkable levels of fake news. Before one addresses the recent elections, which the independentistas won, we should start in June of 2017, when the Catalan government itself ran a poll.  The result showed a then embarrassing drop in support for independence, down to a mere 41.1%.  The link to the original poll on the government site has been "conveniently" taken down, but we know the results. [T]he percentage of people supporting a Catalan independent state dropped to 41.1 percent in June [2017] from 44.3 percent in March. Beneath all the hype, the independentistas did not have a clear...(Read Full Article)