American Exceptionalism and Antifa's Phony War

Antifa poses a problem no one is comfortable with. What's wrong with fighting fascism?  Ever see a movie in which the sallet helmet wasn't a symbol of evil?  Not even Star Wars could resist.  FDR also used some pretty strong-arm tactics. However, if fascism is really evil, then there really is nothing anyone can do about it, unless the Creator of the Universe is such a bumbler that He needed FDR, Churchill, and Stalin (an atheist, of all people) to correct His mistakes. No, the answer is that fascism is European and that America's Constitution of 1787 achieved everything for which Europe would struggle for the next century and a half. The French Revolution of 1789 failed when Napoleon Bonaparte returned from his Egyptian-Syrian campaign as a French Caesar in 1799 and then plunged into wars until his defeat and first exile in 1814. Europe rejoiced with the return of peace and the Ancien Régime.  After 23 years of revolution,...(Read Full Article)