A Time for War: The Gathering Storm

Most everyone entrenched on both sides of this cold civil war feels it coming.  The thunder and lightning have been getting closer.   For the better part of a year, we’ve been listening to the noise getting louder, and the flashes, good Lord, sometimes they get brighter by the minute.   Many think the storm started on Nov. 9, 2016.  Whichever, we all feel it. This past weekend was a perfect example.  Brian Ross starts a series of false reports, so bad that the stock market dives, the leftist media breathlessly reports that President Trump is finished, and do their version of a happy dance.  Except, the report was not true, the networks once again proved to be unworthy sources of news, just repeating a false narrative.   Then the tax plan surprisingly passed the Senate.   The left, as usual, had a collective hissy fit, droning on about how lost we are as a country.  Oh, the horror!  Tax cuts!! ...(Read Full Article)