A Time for War: The Battle for Christmas

I know what you're thinking: what an awful thing to talk about during the Christmas season.  We should be ignoring politics and celebrating all those good things we believe should be conserved. I agree with that.  Unfortunately, the left does not.  Leftists never stop politicizing (and ruining) anything they can.  It wasn't me, nor Trump, who started the politicization of Christmas; it was the left, and decades ago.  Up until now, the left has been winning this battle of Christmas, or should I say the battle for Christmas.  Christmas has been politicized. As usual, the left started this battle by complaining.  Why not?  After all, "Merry Christmas" was offensive to some, therefore it should not be used.  Leftists started this mantra long ago and have transformed us to a nation of "Happy Holidays."  They started this when virtually 90% of America's population self-identified as Christian.  Back...(Read Full Article)