A Time for War: The Battle for Christmas

I know what you're thinking: what an awful thing to talk about during the Christmas season.  We should be ignoring politics and celebrating all those good things we believe should be conserved.

I agree with that.  Unfortunately, the left does not.  Leftists never stop politicizing (and ruining) anything they can.  It wasn't me, nor Trump, who started the politicization of Christmas; it was the left, and decades ago.  Up until now, the left has been winning this battle of Christmas, or should I say the battle for Christmas.  Christmas has been politicized.

As usual, the left started this battle by complaining.  Why not?  After all, "Merry Christmas" was offensive to some, therefore it should not be used.  Leftists started this mantra long ago and have transformed us to a nation of "Happy Holidays."  They started this when virtually 90% of America's population self-identified as Christian.  Back then, close to one hundred per cent of the U.S. population used the phrase.  Hollywood made lots of sappy movies about Christmas.  My parents were atheists.  They said Merry Christmas to everyone.

And then the Grinches of the left went to work.

With shameless zeal, they bludgeoned a huge percentage of Americans into not saying it.  Or being somewhat ashamed to say it – even though everyone with half a brain knows this holiday time is, you know, about the day called Christmas.  Heck, my Jewish girlfriend from long ago knew that and was not offended in the slightest.

Nor was anyone I met or had heard of.

Fast-forward to today.  Oftentimes, friends and even strangers wish me well this time of year, blurting out "Happy Holidays" to me as we part.  It's clear most would have said "merry Christmas" but were embarrassed or shamed into not doing so.  The left has been winning with their guilt shaming method for a long time.

Maybe this sounds like a silly issue to you.  Trust me: it's not.  Leftists are really dedicated to this battle.  They know it's not inconsequential.  When your ideological opponents know there is an issue to fight for, you should stand up and take note.

I see this battle as at the heart of the left's war on our Judeo-Christian values.  This battle to make us ashamed of saying an obvious and genuinely non-offensive phrase (except to a few Grinches) is a way of making us spite our own faces.  It's a trademark for the atheist left: they force false shame down our throats like the good totalitarians they are.  Clucking at just how unfair and offensive it must all be at first, they then bring any town, school, or organization to court, demanding compliance.  Like Scrooge before redemption, they silently say, Bah, humbug.  You can have only holiday or winter concerts in school, where you sing only about Frosty.  It's a part of the politically correct linguistics the left wants us to use.  

Happy holidays.  Blah, and meh.  Most advertisers use it.  The corporate world uses it.  Stores selling Christmas gifts use it.  And it's an awful phrase.  A P.C. whitewash at best.  It has worked.

Until now.

One of Donald Trump's musings on the campaign trail was his seemingly offhand comments about how we need to say "merry Christmas" to each other again.  No happy holiday crap for him.  At his latest rally in Pensacola, he made a point to remind the audience that it is Christmastime.  There were signs all over the arena proclaiming just that.  Merry Christmas.  Trump himself tweeted "Merry Christmas" to Pensacola after the rally.  He has made it a point to emphasize a traditional Christmas at the White House.  Festive.  And celebratory.

It's notable that Trump picks his cultural battles.  Example: The battle with the kneeling, anthem-disrespecting NFL payers, some of its owners, and its clueless rich commissioner.  And Trump has clearly picked this one.  Merry Christmas is making the same inroads with America as his feud with the NFL.  He is fighting for Christmas.  It's a fight he wants, perhaps a small one, but it's not inconsequential.  It's one that he knows can be used to show a much bigger point to us all.


It's the great celebration of the West and has been since the Christian West has been in existence.

Who doesn't know about Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, Tiny Tim, and "God bless us every one!"  The left would have you believe that's too white and racist.

Who doesn't enjoy the choruses of Handel from "The Messiah"?  Heck, most hard rockers I know love the Hallelujah Chorus.

For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth

And He shall reign for ever and ever.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus.  Born to a common family, in a remote part of the powerful Roman Empire.  A nothing event that would become the symbol of hope, salvation, and a bedrock of the goodness underpinning Western civilization and humanity.  A civilization the left has decided must be destroyed.  And hated.

So yes, this is a battle.

I love that Trump suggests we should to be able to say merry Christmas without apology.  It's a good thing to say in and of itself, while it frosts most of the left.  It's a simple proclamation of a wonderful celebration.  Saying it without hesitation, reservation, or the slightest hint of shame is an act of courage and goodness.

Orwell said it this way: "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."  This is such a time.  "Merry Christmas" is simply proclaiming a number of truths with two words.

For a couple of decades, I have made it a point to reply, "Merry Christmas" when someone says, "Happy holidays."

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

For this Christmas season, be bold.  Spread Christmas cheer.  It's a magical time.  It's what makes the movie It's a Wonderful Life wonderful.  We give presents because it shows love and sacrifice.  We have parties and family get-togethers filled with warmth and forgiveness toward one another.  Heck, last week I was singing real Christmas carols with a bunch of neighbors who have drunk the Kool-Aid of the left.  I loved wishing them a very merry Christmas.

I know there are a number of agnostics and atheists who share my political views on the center-right.  To you, let me say I'm glad most of you don't mind hearing "Merry Christmas."  It's not a deal-breaker for you.  I only wish you could spread that kind of common sense to those Grinches on the left.

...who brought on this war for Christmas.

How we proceed is simple.  Live the season to the full.  Simply celebrate Christmas.  Share with friends and family.  And strangers.  Celebrating Christmas unabashedly, with joy, with love, with truth and charity, and celebrating the wonderful things we have.  There is nothing better.  It's a tradition worth conserving.

For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas!

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