Who Are the Real Fascists in American Politics?

President Donald J. Trump is routinely referred to as a fascist by the left. Much of that rhetoric originates from within the Democrat Party. We hear little to no outrage by either Democrats or Republicans at the use of this inflammatory language. In fact, the cliched phrase “the silence is deafening” finds a real application in this climate of extreme disparagement. Think of it: Trump’s desire to have extreme vetting of immigrants from certain war-torn Islamic countries is portrayed repeatedly as racist, Islamaphobic, and fascist. These countries are hotbeds of Islamic terrorism. They are countries where members of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, El Shabab, the Houthis, Hamas, Fatah, Hizb'allah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other maniacal Allah-centered groups are now considered moderates simply because they are not-ISIS. Extreme vetting to protect the citizens of the USA is met with extreme disparagement. The disparagers want to defame the very individual who wants to do...(Read Full Article)