When Will We Finally Hold Wicked Hillary Accountable?

Clearly, Hillary Clinton is a sociopath, willing to sacrifice any and everything to get what she wants.  Donna Brazile's book exposed how Hillary and her DNC minions stole the presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders.  A normal person would run for cover, thankful he is not in jail.  But not Hillary.  This sick woman remains laser-focused, obsessed with plotting to reverse the election to steal Trump's presidency. Hillary is acting exactly like the little girl in the movie The Bad Seed.  In the movie, seemingly perfect and adorable eight-year-old Rhoda assumed she would win the perfect penmanship medal.  Her classmate Claude won the medal.  Outraged, Rhoda cornered Claude and demanded that he give her his medal.  When Claude refused, Rhoda murdered Claude and stole it. In the midst of a tsunami of details surfacing regarding Hillary's multiple character flaws, hypocrisy, and possibly facing thirteen criminal charges, Hillary...(Read Full Article)