The Trump Administration Must Amend the Ethanol Mandate

President Donald J. Trump campaigned on saving the forgotten men and women from the heavy hand of government. Trump won the presidency in a historic upset because of strong blue-collar support from states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Many of these workers earn their paychecks from small, local refineries, which provide thousands of jobs to ordinary Americans. Although Trump has made significant progress with his economic growth agenda, a recent, seemingly unilateral assurance by Environmental Protection Agency administrator Edward S. Pruitt is threatening to put his pro-jobs plan in jeopardy. After receiving backlash from midwestern lawmakers, Pruitt sent a letter to them on October 18th stating that the EPA would hold off on reducing the Renewable Fuel Standard mandates and perhaps even increase the blending requirements. Like many government programs, the RFS started small under the Bush administration, grew ever larger during eight years of...(Read Full Article)