The Revolution Has Been Postponed

November 4th has come and gone. The country is still in chaos. Fighting continues in most urban areas. The 1st Transgender Mechanized Division has taken Washington and the black Antifa flag flies over the ruins of the Capitol. Donald Trump has fled in a private jet seeking asylum in Dubai, while Pence has been captured by the People’s Army. My name has appeared on a list of “tools of the oppressors” who must report for “evaluation.” Wait… someone’s knocking at the door… they’re all wearing Guy Fawkes masks… now they’re kicking in it in…. Actually, that’s not happening at all, even though something similar was promised for last Saturday by both Antifa and various conservative commentators. To put it simply, Antifa, RefuseFascism, RESIST!, the John Brown Clubs, and assorted other organs of national liberation set November 4th as the date of a national uprising to overthrow the Trump administration and...(Read Full Article)