The Fight for True Liberalism

These are dark days for liberalism.  What Walter Lippmann defined as the exemplar of the Western nation, the "liberal democratic society," has lost its prestige among the people. Take stock of the current situation.  In the late autumn of 2017, Donald Trump, a real estate mogul, is president of the United States.  Republicans control both houses of Congress.  The legislative priorities for the ruling party have thus far tanked.  Congressional approval ratings are on life support.  The president isn't faring any better.  Democrats just won a slew of state offices, providing a look at what's to come. It is an uneasy time, no matter your political disposition.  One year ago, a political outsider commandeered a sclerotic party and, despite rejecting many of its key tenets, rode it straight into the White House.  Trump's "America First" platform, which harkens back to Depression-era isolationism, represents...(Read Full Article)